About Us

Here at Professor P. Scrubbington's Emporium of Clean we specialise in creating personal care products specifically tailored to meet the needs of young people who want to take charge of their own ablutions (otherwise known as washing your bits). Careful study of the habits and hurdles involved has led me to devise the ultimate in soapy solutions: foams that stay on your hands and are easy to apply; dispensers that you can squeeze with one hand; natural ingredients that are effective and kind to your skin and the planet; fresh fragrances in place of the usual sugary scents. Which leaves only one question: what does the 'P' stand for? Alas, my mother named me for her late lamented pet poodle, Pongo, but inspired by the unfortunate appellation I determined to become the greatest inventor of wonderful washing products the world has ever known, and so my Emporium was born.

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